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Many real estate companies use the same techniques to sell homes.  We at Market Source Real Estate use a different technique that goes above and beyond traditional ways of selling homes.  We call it the Market Source Listing Plus program.  We incorporate all the traditional methods of selling homes, with the added benefit of addressing potential buyer concerns prior to listing the home to maximize the sales price. 

 We have found, and statistics prove that nicer homes priced appropriately will sell faster than homes that need work.  This is where our program helps.  Sometimes a fresh coat of paint, or extreme deep cleaning can be the difference between a full price offer and a lowball offer.  We understand that selling a home can be a stressful time and painting or other minor updates can be overwhelming to certain people.  With our Listing Plus program, we offer minor repairs or cleaning services free of charge to our clients to get their homes “market ready”.  This can include a deep cleaning, painting, concrete repair, staging services, or any other repairs that we feel will improve the marketability of the property.  The best part of the program is that it is free to our clients.  We believe that if we can remove some potential buyer objections prior to showing the home, we have a stronger chance of selling the home faster for more money.  We are so certain that we can produce results that we are willing to, ‘put our money where our mouth is’.


    Top 10 things to do to help a home sell faster:

  1. Price your home to sell. Testing the market at a high price generally causes long marketing times and ultimately lower sales prices.
  2. Have great curb appeal so that you can get potential buyers in the door.
  3. Take care of any items that would be scary to a buyer (exposed electrical, water damage, etc.)
  4. Keep your house clean so it can be shown any time. If you turn down a showing there is almost no chance they will come back.
  5. De-clutter so your home appears larger.
  6. De-personalize and neutralize your home so buyers can imagine themselves living in your home rather than you.
  7. Your home needs to smell good but avoid perfumy or strong scents.
  8. Repair anything that is broken or unfinished in the home. It might be okay if a home needs updates, but not “work” or repairs.
  9. Replace or upgrade any tacky décor items (no gold faucets from the 1980’s!)
  10. Put only good photos that highlight your home online. You do not need a picture of every room online. If it looks bad don’t include it.