Which Neighborhood Is Right For You?


Which of these 5 Salt Lake City neighborhoods best fits your lifestyle?

Sugar House? 9th & 9th? University? Downtown? The Avenues?  Aaahhh!                                                     

Moving to a new area - whether it be a new city or even a new part of the city - can be very intimidating.  It takes living somewhere and truly experiencing it within your own lifestyle to fully understand the area around you and what makes it so great.  We always think our own neighborhoods are the best!  So what in the world do you do when everyone is telling you that you should move to their neck of the woods?  Well, you keep reading and let the results direct you to your new neighborhood!

Take our quiz and remember the answers you selected for each question - mostly a’s, mostly b’s, etc.  

After the quiz, you can find your results and learn more about the neighborhood that picked you!


1. What do you want to do when you wake up on a sunny Saturday morning?

  1.  Head to the park with my dog and coffee
  2.  Play frisbee in a field with my friends
  3.  Hop on the train and hit the stores
  4.  Do some yoga and grab a coffee
  5.  Eat a local brunch and do some window shopping


2. What types of restaurants do you eat in the most?

  1.  Local restaurants where I can meet the owner
  2.  I enjoy the eclectic menus of other countries
  3. I like famous steakhouses and unique menus
  4.  I  love farm - to - table eateries
  5.  Smaller bistros really set the mood


3. What is your ideal mode of transportation?

  1.  Carpooling with my friends to save the earth
  2.  I have a bicycle and/or a longboard
  3.  UTA - Trax System
  4.  I have two legs that work great
  5.  My sturdy vehicle!


4. Where do you like to spend your evenings?

  1.  At the Art Walk
  2.  Attending cultural events
  3.  At bars
  4.  Hanging outside with other locals at festivals
  5.  In a candlelit eaterie with tapas style dining


5. Which activity do you do on a regular basis?

  1.  Going to the park
  2.  I love sporting events!
  3.  Mall. Movies. Meals.
  4.  Local boutique shopping
  5.  Museums and Gallery openings


If you answered mostly A’s … then Sugarhouse is where you should be!

If you answered mostly B’s … then you should move to the University Area!

If you answered mostly C’s … then you would love living Downtown!

If you answered mostly D’s … then 9th & 9th is your best bet!

If you answered mostly E’s … then the Avenues is waiting for you!


It can be scary moving to a new city with new people and new places.  After the fear goes away, the excitement settles in and that’s when you make your move!  Selecting the right neighborhood will make all the difference in the world in your new life.  To get a better feel for each of these neighborhoods, take a look at our Pinterest page and see what tickles your fancy!


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Which Neighborhood Is Right For You?

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