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2015-04-22 22:33:15
Your Home can be an Energy Efficient Investment


Green is the future!


We are so lucky to live in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We're not only growing as an economy, but are leading the way in sustainability.  So it follows our buildings and systems will get greener, as will our home buying habits.


A survey by the National Association of Realtors found that homebuyers who ranked a green home as 'very important' paid a median price of $12,400 more for their home than homebuyers less interested in energy efficient homes.  Not a bad return on investment!


A GREEN certified realtor is trained in sustainable home building and remodeling.  When looking to buy your next home, or upgrade your current one, keep an eye out for way to make your home more energy efficient. It will not only pay off in the short-term with lower utility bills, but in the long term, with a better sales price on your home.


It's NOT more expensive, technology is always improving


Many think that upgrading their home to be more energy efficient will cost more than it's worth.  But if you're looking to save money in the long run, and increase your investment down the line, there are simple changes you can make when remodeling or fixing.  A GREEN realtor will take insulation, roofing, and water disposal, among other criteria, into account.  Here are a few for you to look at:


-Consider low-flow toilet, low-flow fixtures, energy-efficient furnace and appliances when looking toward a new purchase.


-Get a programmable thermostat. If you can splurge, go for a model with an app function so heating and cooling can be taken care of with a portable device.  Bonus points as the tech will appeal to Millennial first-time homebuyers.


-Look into LED or CFL light bulbs and fixtures, which are up to 4 times as efficient as incandescent.  Check out Interior Designer Lloyd Alter's blog post on how he converted his home to all LED for his trial and error/success story, and GreenAmerica's quick and dirty pro/con guide comparing the two.


-Install an attic fan. If you're in an older home, it will be worth it to keep the upstairs bedrooms cooler by 10 degrees in the summer. (Goodbye Utah summer power bill). It can also lengthen the life of your roof by keeping the shingles cooler.



Monique and Jeremy Higginson are GREEN certified brokers living and working in the Salt Lake Valley.  They conscientiously work to meet their clients’ needs, and specialize in historic homes, remodels, and sales in the Sugar House area.  Happy Earth Day!



*Statistics and Going Green house info chart courtesy of greenresourcecouncil.org/

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