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2014-11-17 16:46:16
Why get a permit when remodeling your home?

Homeowners who do not get a permit when remodeling their homes face risks. One risk of skipping permits is that a future homebuyer could object to un-permitted work and scrutinize the home more closely during inspections. Any reasonable real estate agent or broker will most likely look into permits if there have been significant updates to the home when representing a buyer or seller.

Another risk of not getting work permitted is that there is not an inspection from the city building/planning department. A permit inspection does not guarantee that the work was done 100% correctly but having a second set of eyes on your project makes it more likely that the work was done in a workman like manner.

Permits generally are required for projects that aren't just cosmetic. For example, replacing a faucet or light fixture might not require a permit but this should be verified by your local planning or building department. Obtaining, or pulling a permit is generally the responsibility of the owner and contractor so be sure to ask your contractor about this when you hire them because the homeowner is stuck with the work done to the home and could face issues if permits were overlooked.

Permits can be costly and slow your project down but are worth the hassle if it protects you from future damage/issues to your home or mitigates trouble when selling your home in the future.

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